Why become an InnovateHer Partner?

Written by: Ellie on December 15, 2023

Why become an InnovateHer Partner – the big question: 

First of all, it’s important to understand what we mean by the gender gap. It’s not all just about wages – sure, that’s a big part of it, but there’s more at play here. There is a gap in education. In employment rates. In promotions. In leadership roles. In digital skills. All stemming from girls and non-binary people abstaining from STEM subjects when young.

All you have to do is a quick Google of “gender equality in the tech industry” to see that this is a challenging topic that’s driven many to research the issue. Researching it and pulling statistics is great, but now it’s time to be active and do the work. It’s not something that can be fixed overnight. But, it is something we can change if we put in the work to strive for much-needed equality. Partnering with InnovateHer can set you on that path.

Importance of Partnerships

While researching, I found a lot of written pieces about what women can do in the workplace to feel like they belong and make a space for themselves. Some being: be resilient, be persistent, and advocating for themselves. I agree with this notion of self-empowerment, but I don’t think it’s the whole answer. 

Advocating for yourself can only get you so far, and it’s tiring when you have to keep fighting for your own support. For real change, we need collaboration with those in leadership positions. From the companies you work for and the industry you work in. For real change, we need to work on the foundations, not just focusing on the cracks in the plasterboard. It’s a partnership. That’s why InnovateHer works with female and non-binary students by inspiring and equipping them with the tools they need. It’s also why InnovateHer partners have regular EDI health checks and access to our community learning series. 

InnovateHer Partner Impact

According to PWC, after surveying over 2000 A-level and university students, they found that only 27% of female students would consider a career in tech. In comparison, 61% of males and only 3% of females said it was their first choice. It is an issue at a fundamental level. Especially when 78% of students can’t name a famous female working in technology, it is strikingly clear why. That is why there needs to be more than a one-pronged approach. It’s why partners join InnovateHer. To support schools, send in role models from their company to meet with today’s young people, and take those steps towards closing the gap. A partnership that has a wide-reaching impact to create societal change is needed!

InnovateHer does a lot of work in inspiring students and in being the force that tells them the tech industry is for them, but it doesn’t stop there. InnovateHer helps partners become part of the industry we all want to see – one that’s inclusive and diverse.

With only 5% of leadership positions in the technology sector held by women, it’s clear big change must happen within the tech industry to acclimate for a female workforce. Through the use of EDI health checks, regular and open discussions in partner coffee mornings, and the community learning series, InnovateHer helps guide her partners towards creating a more diverse environment. From being more inclusive at the start of an application or interview process for new employees through to their employment. All the way to existing employees that deserve to work in an equal environment. 

So, why become an InnovateHer partner? 

Because to make change we have to collaborate, we have to join forces, and we have to look both inward and outward. It isn’t going to be a simple fix. But it’s achievable if we work together, support each other, and strive to make a difference in the industry we love.

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