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We’ve created a new space for you to learn with us.

We have some brilliant tech courses for you to get stuck into, as well as some inspiring videos for you to watch. You’ll be amazed at how much you didn’t know about technology!

This is not like school at all, we aim to make everything fun. You’ll also be able to chat with like minded people from all over the UK. You might be able to win some stuff too. 

So what are you waiting for?

There’s other things too…

We don’t just do courses in digital and technology. Our students told us that they wanted to learn about more than that, things that they don’t get taught in school. So we listened to their ideas and made some videos on topics they asked for. We are always adding more content too. You can view all of this once you register with us.

Life Skills

Our short video classes explore life skills like using social media, staying safe online, body positivity and more.

A day in the life of…

These short videos introduce you to some awesome people working in tech. They will tell you what their job is like.

Join our community!

We’re here to connect you up. We’re creating an online group of students like you, who help one another.

3 key questions answered:

Our courses are fully funded by technology companies who care about getting the next generation involved in the industry. They believe in creating more equal work places and opportunities for people from all different backgrounds. That means we’re able to give everyone free access and there are no barriers for anyone taking part.

We want to create a safe environment online. We need to check that you’re a real person and over age 13, which is why we’re asking for your date of birth. For live and streamed events we’ll ask for your parent or guardians consent for you to join us.

This is so we can make sure that our community stays safe for everyone and that we know exactly who is joining us online. You can find out more about how we create safe spaces by reading our code of conduct.

We just need a few details from you so that we can create your account. We never, ever share your personal information with anyone outside of the InnovateHer team. You can check out our privacy policy if you want to know more about this.

The companies that fund our work also like to know how many students take part and from which area in the country, so it’s important to us to be able to report back to them and it means we can keep our courses free for you.

Send this pack to your teacher or headmaster to let them know about us. If you’re homeschooled you can learn at home easily, here is a pack for your guardian or parent.

To view some more questions and answers on our courses, head over to our learning site now.

We’ve taught over 40,000 students aged 13-17 over the past 5 years. Here’s what they thought of our courses:

    “I felt like I wouldn’t be judged even if my idea was completely out of the box”

    Tech for good programme: Online Pilot 2020

    “I enjoyed this course so much and I learnt a lot about developing initial concepts.”

    Tech4Good – December 2020 Graduate

    “Thank you for doing this program it has helped to develop my confidence and computing skills.”

    Gaming Graduate August 2020

So, what are you waiting for?

Creating a profile with us takes minutes.

You have to be 13 years old + to study with us. 

Read our privacy and safeguarding policy, written for our students, to explain what we do with your data and why it’s important to check this when registering for online products in the future.