InnovateHer and Expleo: A Year of Impact & Collaboration

Written by: Libby on June 18, 2024

InnovateHer is on a mission to get girls ready for the tech industry and the tech industry ready for girls. We do this because only 24% of the Tech Industry are women, and only 16% of women have had a career in Tech suggested to them.

Since InnovateHer started in 2013, we have engaged with over 54,000 students. By doing so, we’ve seen a 20% uplift in girls taking Computer Science in Schools we’ve worked with, alongside a 75% increase in confidence. Work like this is only possible due to the involvement and efforts of our fantastic partners. One of whom we want to focus on is Expleo, a global engineering, technology and consulting service provider.

Expleo partnered with us to work towards several objectives:

Partnership with InnovateHer

InnovateHer and Expleo have worked together over the past year to improve EDI efforts via health checks and InnovateAll events. Getting Expleo ‘ready for girls” has continued through working on Diversity and Inclusion practices. Including the Women @ Expleo group and InnovateHer connection. Through sharing key EDI learnings and supporting the EDI journey. Expleo colleagues have continued to attend our Community Learning events, learning about key EDI topics and gathering takeaways for the workplace. With a focus on EDI, we can work together to build a workplace with EDI at its heart. One that is built to welcome the next generation of girls and non-binary teens into the sector.

Alongside internal efforts, Expleo has been matched with four schools across three areas of the UK (Derby, Lancashire and London). Their work at the schools has impacted 1,400 students, all created to widen students’ career paths. In these schools, Expleo has delivered activities supported by InnovateHer. From Inspiring Assemblies and Role Model Talks to students signing up to InnovateHer Online—enrolling in our courses, including Tech4Good, life skills videos, and meet the expert content. 

Impact At A Glance

Image summarising the year of impact had with InnovateHer and Expleo

Impact on Schools

All school activities involved Expleo employees going into the schools and speaking with students directly. These activities work with our collective aims to inspire, empower and educate young people on their options and career paths to get into Tech.

The activity Expleo delivered at their matched schools has led to incredible feedback:

Teachers said the activity inspired students to consider STEM-related GCSEs, leaving them wanting to learn more about the tech industry!

Next Steps with Expleo

We’re super proud of the work done so far in our partnership with Expleo and the efforts made to make a difference both internally and externally!

We’re incredibly excited about the work we’re still to do together. Some of these include Expleo ambassadors planning to collaborate on creating inspiring quick skills and masterclass videos. This will support us in educating our student community on careers in technology. In order to provide further education and empowerment on career pathways. 

To have reached over 1,400 students in four schools is a testament to the time Expleo has dedicated. Students have received fresh experiences of the tech and engineering industies, and have heard inspirational words from colleagues at Expleo. All of these have motivated and empowered teens to pursue a potential career in Tech.

Expleo has made a great effort to commit to the EDI practices and opportunities that InnovateHer provides. Their effort showcases that making a difference is always possible. It takes dedication and care to provide a workplace that is ready for current and future generations to benefit from.

Our work together has been pivotal and influential to what we do at InnovateHer and in achieving Expleo’s objectives at the start of their journey with us. This partnership has galvanised us all to make even more of an impact in the schools we work with and our EDI efforts. The aim is to create a more equal tech sector for the next generation of women and non-binary employees.

If you want to learn more about how to get involved and become an InnovateHer Partner, so that you can make a difference like Expleo has, click here or reach out to

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