We have a small but perfectly formed team, largely based in the North West but with members across the UK. We're passionate about our mission and dedicated to the cause of creating a more equal and diverse tech sector.

Chelsea Slater

Co⁠-⁠Founder / Karaoke Queen
"Since 2017 I'm so proud that we’ve worked with over 14,000 young people, inspiring them into the #STEAM industries whilst also raising their aspirations and self-belief. By 2032 we want this number to reach over 1 million, and to see a significant change on Diversity within this sector. "

Leanne Fyffe Atherton

Digital Product Manager / Podcast Addict
"I've grown up working in tech, I'm here to help our members create great working environments to support a diverse and vibrant workforce. I want to see more women on boards, more represented on senior leadership teams and role models for girls coming in to the industry!"

Libby Laycock

Digital Marketing Assistant/ Film Devotee
"It truly is an honour to work at InnovateHer as the importance of empowering and building towards equality is of huge significance to myself. So, to be a part of a team which helps encourage and teach skills to young girls that they aren’t often given a chance to is really special. Since, it helps to shape the future, and ensure a better society is on the way."

Sarah Wilson

eLearning Designer/ Avid Gamer
"I believe in equality, and I’m here to create a virtual environment to ensure equal opportunities for everyone. Each teenager has a unique way of learning, and I’m excited to be working at InnovateHer so that we can find that way together."

Rhiannon Kelly

Senior Marketing Manager / Mini Mary Berry
"I am a believer that true change needs to happen at the roots. Coming from a tech background and have seen the need for more voices at the table firsthand and to be part of InnovateHer is an opportunity close to my heart. I am so excited to help inspire the next generation and to work on levelling the playing field so that everyone is represented and all voices are not just heard, but listened to."

Lauren Forbes

Head of Partnerships / Travel Obsessed
"I have followed the InnovateHer journey for a few years now and have loved seeing the impact that Chelsea and the team have had on young people’s lives. It feels a dream that I now get to be directly involved and can hopefully play some part in correcting the gender imbalance that we see everyday. I hope that people and organisations continue to get on board with our mission to make the positive impact that is much needed. "

Ellie Lewis

Administration Assistant / D&D Game Master
"I have a strong passion for EDI and have always wanted to work for a company that not only shares this drive but is proactive in making change. I’m passionate about wanting to make a difference for women and non-binary people in the workplace; about encouraging young people to do what they love in an industry that needs them; and about closing the gender gap that has overstayed its welcome. Working at InnovateHer is a privilege and I’m excited to be here for the journey."

Ria Tucker

Head of Growth Operations / Avid Journaller
"I have known for a number of years the importance of working within an organisation that makes a positive social impact and I am so proud that I get to do this at InnovateHer. I have seen first hand the impact that can be made when you provide young people with the opportunity, support and inspiration for them to reach and exceed their full potential."

Declan Patel

Content Creator / Travel Enthusiast
"I love to create content: whether it's super informative or quirky and fun, the power of content inspiration is real! My goal at InnovateHer is to help create a diverse working environment in the Tech Industry and to spread my positivity across the world though my content creation. I am so excited for what the future of the Tech Industry has to offer thanks to InnovateHer!"

Leanne Bateson

Schools Lead / Keen Activist
"I was a primary school teacher for 15 years, with a thirst for new challenges and an excitement around putting students at the heart of everything I do. Enthusiastic about promoting equality, particularly around gender, my journey and aims with InnovateHer are to empower young girls to believe they truly can. I have always stood up for what is right and will continue to do so. I hope to inspire the next generation"


We have two Non-Executive Directors who work with Jo and Chelsea closely on aspects of the business such as strategy, vision, operations and leadership.

Tony Foggett

Tony is CEO of Code Computerlove. He co⁠-⁠founded Code in 1999. Under his leadership, it has grown into a 8m business, employing 100 digital specialists in it’s Manchester Office. In Dec 2016 Code was acquired by MediaCom, its product thinking approach and focus on conversion enabling MediaCom to deliver iterative optimisation across the customer journey.

Nicki Sprinz

Nicki leads and supports talented designers, developers and creative technologists, product leads, coaches and strategists in ustwo’s London, Lisbon and Tokyo studios. Committed to working for better diversity in the creative and tech industry, Nicki co⁠-⁠founded Ada’s List, a global community of more than 8,000 women in tech.


The Chair ensures that the board operates effectively and that we are all working together as a team to benefit the young people we serve. Ronda brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the role.

Dr. Ronda Železný⁠-⁠Green

Ronda is a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) changemaker creating systems to empower Black people, women, people with disabilities, and marginalized populations in the technology and education sectors. Serving as a mobile technologist, trainer and researcher, her professional experience spans five continents and the public, private, and civil society sectors.


We are grateful to our board for giving us their time and expertise. They represent some of the North's biggest and best digital employers, educators and influencers. They are all passionate about improving gender diversity in STEM.

Lauren Riley

Lauren is founder of The Link App; a revolutionary way for law firms to communicate with, and digitally onboard, their clients. Lauren started the company in 2014 after practicing as a family solicitor because she wanted to make a difference. As a tech founder Lauren brings a wealth of lived experience.

Sonia Davies

Sonia is Divisional Finance Director at Nexperia, a global semiconductor company. She is a keynote speaker on leadership and empowerment who believes passionately in increasing diversity having worked in tech and engineering companies for more than 10 years. Sonia is also a mentor at Tech Manchester.

Amul Batra

Amul is Chief Partnerships Officer at Northcoders and a member of the leadership team. He works closely with tech businesses in the North, helping them with their skills strategy and connecting them with talent. He also regularly speaks at events on the subjects of diversity, inclusion and the talent pipeline.

Ramat Tejani

Ramat currently leads AWS GetIT; an Amazon Web Services’ skills and gender diversity programme that empowers female talent and encourages more young people to consider a career in technology. She is also a confidence coach who supports and inspires people to realise their full potential, whatever their passions may be.

Charné Tromp

Charné is a London⁠-⁠based Service Designer and Digital Project Manager, with experience of working in agency, non⁠-⁠profit and publishing industries. She is a digital enthusiast, passionate about user experience and delivering quality digital products / services to address key user needs and realise business objectives.

Lily Dart

Lily has 17 years experience in design and technology. Originally a designer/developer, she runs design and technology teams, specialising in inclusive ways of working, hiring practices and design approaches to increase the diversity of teams and maintain an effective and scalable culture. Lily regularly teaches, speaks and runs workshops.

Yasmin Desai

Yasmin has worked for over 6 years in tech start⁠-⁠ups. With a background in operations and Product Management in both B2B and B2C, she brings a mix of commercial understanding and UX skills to the board.

Frank Norris MBE

Frank is the former CEO of Coop Academies Trust, a Senior HMI with Ofsted, an Outstanding Primary Headteacher, and has been awarded an MBE for services to education in summer 2019. Frank is a strong advocate and supporter of InnovateHer and is committed to social justice.

Laura Herbert

Laura is Chief People Officer at Apadmi, a digital consultancy that creates technology that keeps leading organisations and their customers moving forward. She is responsible for attracting, training and retaining the best talent for Apadmi. Laura brings a wealth of experience to the InnovateHer Advisory Board and has a passion for enabling young people to unlock their potential, no matter their background or story.

Keeya⁠-⁠Lee Ayre

Keeya⁠-⁠Lee Ayre is an Australian⁠-⁠American storytelling and strategic comms professional. Raised in Western Australia, and having lived and worked on five continents including within the UK, she now lives in Atlanta, Georgia in the US, with her husband, son and two cats. She has bachelors and masters degrees in anthropology.

Hayley Morgan

Hayley is an attorney specialising in intellectual property law. She believes that the whole STEM community has a part to play in creating change. She is a founding member of her firm's Together Action Group, heads up the Gender Diversity Affinity Group; whilst being in her firm's Technology Sector specialism