Mind the gap!
Fighting inequalities with our 2023 Social Impact Report

We’re fighting to change the stats. Our 2023 Impact Report explores our last 10 years of driving change in the tech industry and our lasting promise to close the gender gap.

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It’s more important than ever to join the fight and invest for gender equality and a diverse future in tech. We work closely with a variety of important organisations and partners in order to inspire young girls and non-binary teens and provide them with the resources to take to industry and take on the world. We are the change.

The 2023 social impact report demonstrates how we’ve taken action and experienced measurable change over the past 10 years through our extensive work within the purpose-led and wider tech industry. But with an ever-widening gender gap, we have the power to create large-scale impact, together.

To begin to change outcomes, we need to invest in the next generation of young women and non-binary teens, today.

Our Social Impact Report shows that: 

  • Increased the number of young people taking STEM related GCSEs by 20%
  • InnovateHer Partners have increased their EDI score by 33%
  • A smaller gender gap improves global GDP, increases productivity and promotes innovation. 
  • Over the past 10 years, we’ve reached 46,183 students and educated 19,769 through our schools’ programme to create a more sustainable future in tech for girls and non-binary teens.
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Without our community and our inspiring students, nothing that we’ve accomplished over the last decade would have been possible. We’re committed to continuing our work and creating lasting change to evolve the tech sector through meaningful partnerships. 

You have the power to close the gap.

Chelsea Slater, Co-Founder and CEO of InnovateHer

A decade of transformation at InnovateHer has been a journey from passion to impact.
Each number in our Social Impact Report for 2022-23 is a testament to our team, partners, teachers, students and the wider community. This year alone, we’ve enlightened 36,997 young lives and formed partnerships with 26 new schools alongside new corporate partners from across the country. Our ambassadors have been our backbone, hosting over 70% of our events and truly embodying the spirit of InnovateHer. 

Witnessing the ripple of our collective impact has been amazing. We are immensely proud of our shared achievements and are committed to continuing to create as much impact as possible, promoting inclusion, and inspiring young people.

Chelsea Slater, Co-Founder and CEO of InnovateHer

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If you’d like to be part of our 2024 vision or are looking for an opportunity to close the gender gap in tech, we’d love to have you with us. Become an InnovateHer Partner and join us on our journey.