The Significance of STEM Education

Written by: Libby on September 6, 2023

STEM education focuses on the subjects of Science, Tech, Engineering and Maths. 

It is a key focus for many schools across the UK and worldwide. STEM is growing in importance due to the spotlight shown on it. As, the industry has been a focal point due to the inequalities of gender and race.

STEM is an industry that is vital for the future. Yet, it remains in the past with representation, which needs to change. Hence, why education in the topic is more important than ever, as it has a pivotal role in improving the industry. Through school, students of a minority receive essential STEM learning. This allows them to see it as a viable career path. 

InnovateHer has a role to play in this. We give young people the opportunity to learn about STEM, specifically Tech. InnovateHer Online, our free eLearning platform, provides the opportunity to strengthen their education. In order to excel and be the next generation of STEM superstars making a difference.

Skills in STEM Education:

STEM education can teach you invaluable skills. Skills that will be key through life, skills that are both professional and personal. It isn’t just key for your career, but for your lifestyle too. 

STEM education teaches invaluable skills such as:

And many more.

STEM education enhances  “the next generation’s mathematical and scientific skills in STEM”. These are vital skills, as “STEM employers cite a lack of core STEM skills…among job applicants.” For the next generation to succeed they need to stand out, and STEM teaches the skills to succeed. Those skills put them in a better position for life.

The next generation are resolute, passionate, and empowered, so supplying them with the right skills within their education, provides them with a stronger ability to pursue the career they want to make a difference in the world. 

STEM education teaches skills that allow the next generation to develop, while encouraging their passions and importance in the world. 

Nurturing Careers

STEM education provides skills that allow the next generation to succeed.

It’s not solely down to skills that STEM education is important. As, it also leads to countless careers. Careers they may have never known existed before. 

These are just some examples of the more unique STEM careers:

Science- Cosmetic Scientist 

Tech- Cybersecurity Analyst 

Engineering- Theme Park Engineer 

Maths- Video Game Designer

The world your oyster!

The opportunities are vast, the jobs are different, and it’s exciting. The industry is constantly growing and changing. Consequently, the career opportunities are endless for the next generation. 

These careers undertaken in STEM will bring change makers and having key roles in future society. So, it’s clear how significant STEM education is in shaping the future. 

It’s important to acknowledge that careers in STEM don’t have a set route. University isn’t the only way; there are apprenticeships, online courses to grow your portfolio, and bootcamps that provide the opportunity to explore a career.

There isn’t one set way to success. Know that!

STEM Education and The Future: 

STEM education is “necessary to meet demands for 21st-century workplaces”. Education inspires, nurtures, and crafts the next generation for their future. Getting the education is one of the most important if not the most important part of the journey. 

STEM education isn’t just important because it teaches the topics and skills needed. But because it allows those who wouldn’t have the opportunity to pursue or succeed in STEM the chance to follow their dream.

The STEM industry lacks equality through the representation of gender and race, an issue that the industry itself needs to actively work on to improve. Yet, the issue starts much earlier than that. It starts within education, as in the UK, only “35% of students in STEM subjects are female”. There must be an active effort to showcase STEM as being for everyone. 

The next generation wants to change the world. For the world to be different than it is now, for everyone to be equal, and for opportunities to be there for all. To do this, they need to have the tools, and STEM education is a tool. As the skills it teaches allow them to develop professionally and personally.

So much of the world now relies on or uses STEM in jobs to have an impact and help society, e.g. live virus tracking.

The starting point is STEM education.

STEM Education and The Next Generation: 

The significance of STEM education and the next generation are intrinsically linked. For the next generation to work in STEM, they need the education. For STEM education to succeed, it needs the next generation. 

It’s also key to acknowledge that learning never stops. As the world of STEM develops, so does the education behind it. Things change, so it’s important to keep up with them. So keep learning!

Here at InnovateHer, we want STEM education to be accessible to all so everyone can have the chance to succeed. We want the next generation to find their place, and to help them build their purpose and voice. We do this through InnovateHer Online, our work with schools and partners. All guided by our determination to never stop till everyone has the same opportunity to triumph.

STEM education is crucial to the future. There is no doubt about that!

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