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Written by: Libby on April 22, 2024

It’s that time of year. Exam time. Revision is the main priority.

Here at InnovateHer, we want to make the revision experience easier. And showcase how tech can be useful when revising. It’s already a period of time when a lot has to be juggled, and tech has a role in helping manage and balance everything out.

InnovateHer’s Revision Resources

InnovateHer Online: Tech For Revision

InnovateHer’s eLearning Platform, InnovateHer Online, has created a ‘Tech for Revision’ resource, including tips for revision and apps and websites to help. You can find it here. The resource also includes downloadables that can be used for revising.

This is a free resource that can be used for both GCSE and A-Level revision. It provides resources related to the revision process, from to-do lists and tips to steps to take after your first exam. 

To access, all you need to do is sign up to InnovateHer Online and you’re in the right place, which can be done here.

Tech X Revision Recommendations 

InnovateHer has created a PDF of our recommended resources, which can be viewed here

These recommendations feature a variety of apps and sites that help with different styles of revising:

  1. GCSE Pod- A free app with 3-5 minute videos to help you prepare for your GCSEs.
  2. The Balance App– An app that helps with anxiety, mindfulness and sleep during an intense exam period.
  3. Forest– A free app that helps you stay focused so you can get the most out of your revision.
  4. Quizlet– Create flashcards and listen to audio related to your study material for free.
  5. Evernote– Free notetaking app for you to remember all your notes.

It was vital for us to only recommend ones that are free, so they’re accessible to everyone to use throughout the exam time. 

The tech-based recommendations serve different purposes, from notetaking to mindfulness. To do the best, not only is it about learning, but about being in a good place mentally to undertake the exams.


Our last resource, is a video from our partners and ambassadors. In this short video, they share their experience, some tips and what they would do differently.

Everyone has different experiences and skills, and that’s useful to note when revising.

What works for you may not work for someone else and that’s okay. But it’s good to be aware of different methods and revision styles that can be used to be in the best position to succeed. 

A MASSIVE thank you to those who got involved (Apadmi, BAE Systems and Kimberly-Clark Corporation)

Check it out below and discover some useful information.

Tech for Revision: A Summary

Exams are stressful. It’s an intense period of time- there’s no denying that.

It’s important to revise and be in the best place possible before an exam, which is why we created the above resources to provide support, tips, and confidence for the exam period.

From all at InnovateHer, we wish you the best of luck with the exam period!

If you have any questions on anything mentioned above, please contact

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Tech for Revision: Resources 

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