Uniting for Sustainability: InnovateHer’s Earth Day Announcement with The Sustainability Academy

Written by: Lauren on April 22, 2024

On Earth Day, amidst the call for action on climate change, we are proud to share a step in our sustainability commitment. We’re happy to announce our partnership with The Sustainability Academy. The Sustainability Academy are trailblazers in their sustainability endeavours. We are proud to partner with them to advance our efforts in all things sustainability and the innovative solutions we are set to embark upon together. However, before discussing our new partnership, let’s explore the work we at InnovateHer have done in this area. 

Last Earth Day, we shared InnovateOur Planet: A Pledge to Sustainability. Through this, we shared our commitment to sustainability—a pledge to take the responsibility of doing our bit to make impactful change. 

Our promise encompasses four key areas: People, Planet, Students and Partners. We undertake the responsibility to make impactful changes with those we interact with. 

InnovateHer’s Key Areas For Sustainability


Our commitment to sustainability recognises the significant impact of our digital presence. As a remote organisation, we are taking steps to reduce our digital carbon footprint. We aim to minimise our environmental impact while continuing to operate efficiently and effectively.

Sustainable practices are not only external initiatives but integral parts of our work life. To this end, we are embedding continuous learning into our organisational culture. This commitment supports us in building a robust sustainability strategy. A strategy that ensures every team member holds the knowledge and tools to make informed, eco-conscious decisions.

We are appointing sustainability champions to be accountable and ensure the implementation of these commitments. 

These champions will:


As stewards of the planet, we recognise the importance of our purchasing decisions. So, we prioritise local suppliers and responsibly sourced products. This includes a focus on supporting cruelty-free and ethical organisations where we can, with the aim of aligning our procurement practices with our values of environmental and social responsibility.

Furthermore, we commit to reducing our reliance on non-recyclable items wherever possible. This proactive approach to waste reduction not only minimises our environmental footprint but also sets a precedent for conscious consumption within our organisation. These choices contribute to the preservation of natural resources and the promotion of a circular economy.

Image setting out some of InnovateHer’s sustainability commitments


At the heart of our mission is the empowerment of future generations. We plan to implement ideas on sustainable technologies and climate role models into InnovateHer Online. By sharing our knowledge and insights, we aim to inspire the next generation so they can consider sustainable practices in their future pursuits.

Through this initiative, we are not only educating young minds but also nurturing a culture of environmental awareness and responsibility. By showcasing the possibilities of sustainable innovation, we want to instil a sense of purpose and agency in them and encourage them to be catalysts for positive change in their communities and beyond.


Recognising the interconnectedness of our actions, we are extending our efforts to our partnerships. One key aspect of this is a thorough review of our banking relationships. We are determined to switch to greener banking, moving away from financial institutions that perpetuate the climate crisis. This transition demonstrates our dedication to supporting institutions that prioritise sustainable, ethical practices.

As we embark on this sustainability journey, our first year serves as a foundation for learning and growth. Through the collective efforts of everyone involved with InnovateHer. We have the opportunity to influence sustainable decision-making across a broader community. We know this journey begins internally by embedding our sustainability goals into everything we do. Together, we are shaping a future where sustainability is not only a pledge but a way of life.

The Sustainability Academy and InnovateHer

To support all our efforts, we have joined forces with The Sustainability Academy.

Gary Carney, co-founder, said the following about the partnership: “We are delighted to be partnering with InnovateHer as their mission perfectly aligns with ours to create a sustainable, more equitable future. InnovateHer provides expertise, particularly around SDG5 (Sustainable Development Goals) Gender Equality, so partnering with the organisation will help us support our existing clients with their ambition in this space and allow us to demonstrate the interrelationship of the SDGs. To successfully implement the SDGs, we need to ensure that we are all working together toward the same goal and ensure that no one is left behind. We’re excited to see how this partnership develops as we support organisations on their sustainability journey.”

To complement our commitments, we will use the Academy’s resources and expertise to enhance our understanding. Where this works, pass this knowledge and learning on to our partner network. This partnership enables us to access valuable tools and guidance to refine our strategies. We look forward to working with The Sustainability Academy to:

If you want to learn more about The Sustainability Academy, their efforts, and how they could support your organisation, visit their website here. Or contact us (partners@innovateher.co.uk) for an introduction.

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