Tech Skills in Lessons: Unlocking Potential

Written by: Libby on May 24, 2024

Tech skills are an essential part of life now. That’s a fact. It’s vital that teens have an understanding and ability to use tech skills. Using tech in every lesson (as much as you can) helps with providing teens with the necessary tech skills. 

This is why we wanted to put a blog together to take you through the benefits of tech in every lesson, and how we can help you implement that.

Benefit 1: Tech Skills & Confidence

Unlocking potential starts with building confidence. The more familiar students are, the more confidence builds. This encourages them to take more steps into unknown paths.

To build familiarity, “integrating simple technologies PowerPoints, games, internet homework assignments… can be difference makers in students’ growth in the classroom.”

It doesn’t have to be a case of throwing in the deep end, but creating building blocks for students to spend time working with different tech elements. This can be during lessons with PowerPoint, or homework tasks featuring tech elements. It all adds up to building their confidence.

Building confidence in tech skills can also improve students’ overall confidence. They’re exposed to new opportunities and routes into careers. This allows them to develop as a person and become more invested in what they’re interested in. 

Benefit 2: Developing Digital Literacy to Build Tech Skills

Having strong digital literacy is a key skill that students should have. It’s the ability and skill to find, evaluate, utilise, share, and create content using information technologies and the Internet. Society is constantly developing, and tech is a big factor in that. So, having a good grasp of digital literacy allows teens to have good tech skills. These tech skills provide teens with tools for the future. For example, 82% of UK jobs require digital skills. 

Embedding tech skills in lessons provides time for students to develop these skills. This then places them to excel in future careers. As they’re building and developing tech skills at a young age that will prime them for life. 

Tips for developing digital literacy:

There are other components of digital literacy, which you can see here

Developing digital literacy is a vital part of students’ time at school. It links to so many other areas that they can benefit from (not just tech skills). It benefits students for life, which unlocks their potential!

How InnovateHer Can Help

InnovateHer Online aims to provide more young girls and non-binary teens with the opportunity to advance their Tech learning for free. So students can find excitement and inspiration and see Tech as a career path for them.

What’s on InnovateHer Online:

These are just some examples of what’s on InnovateHer Online, with even more exciting resources to come!

Students can participate during lessons, as homework or in an after-school/lunch club. This allows them to have flexibility in developing their tech skills. 

The content on InnovateHer Online has been thoroughly researched to ensure it links to your curriculum and reaches Gatsby benchmarks. 

We also run virtual events for schools throughout the year. These events focus on different elements of Tech, e.g. our upcoming AI event on July 16th. They are free for your school to attend. Each event provides opportunities for your students to develop and give inspiration. You can sign up for our next event and keep an eye out for what’s to come here.

Getting Started 

InnovateHer Online is there for your students to use at any time and is completely free. For students aged 13-17, they can learn and develop in multiple ways. 

Check out the video below to get started and advance teens’ tech skills!

If you have any questions on anything mentioned, please contact

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