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Written by: Libby on April 12, 2024

In our previous blog, we discussed the benefits of InnovateHer’s classroom activities, so today, we want to spotlight InnovateHer Online and why it’s a classroom necessity.

InnovateHer Online aims to provide more young girls and non-binary teens from ages 13-17 with the opportunity to learn and advance their Tech learning for free. So students can find excitement and inspiration and see Tech as a career path for them.

Learning is constantly changing and evolving. InnovateHer Online acknowledges that and has been built. Hence, it’s as flexible as possible for your students- students can participate during lessons, as homework or in an after-school/lunch club. You can also rest assured that content on InnovateHer Online is curriculum-linked, as we have carried out thorough research to ensure it links to your curriculum and hits Gatsby benchmarks.

So, what does InnovateHer Online provide?

Courses- Key Classroom Necessity

A big reason why InnovateHer Online is a classroom necessity is due to the courses it provides.

Courses that cover topics in Tech such as:

These courses vary in run time- from 45 minutes (Coding) to 6 weeks (UX- Tech4Good).

They have all been designed to be self-learner-led, making the set-up and running as easy for you as possible.

The courses will introduce and develop tech skills to your students. Also, providing them the opportunity to develop skills such as teamwork and creativity, through our Tech4Good UX Design as an example.

We see our courses as a classroom necessity, but we also accommodate and have different learning opportunities on InnovateHer Online. 

Read on to learn more…

Meet The Expert Series

A big factor in encouraging more young girls and non-binary students into Tech is through exposing them to the varied careers in Tech. This is why our Meet the Expert video series is a classroom necessity. 

These videos are 5-10 minutes each and can be part of your lesson time, shown during development/career lessons or as an extracurricular activity. 

People working in different Tech/STEM careers discuss their career journey, their roles, and how they got into it.

Some of the careers featured are:

We created this video series so students are aware of the careers that exist within Tech, as there are more than they may think exist. One of those videos could inspire your student onto a new career path.

Quick Skills

As much as our content on InnovateHer Online is tech-focused, we also have development resources for students, such as our Quick Skills series. Our Quick Skills series contains multiple informational videos covering various topics. 

Videos cover:

And more….

All videos feature industry experts so students will receive advice from guaranteed experts.

The Quick Skills series can become a classroom necessity as it develops students’ professional skills. Students can understand and learn about essential life skills and topics to give them the best chance of success.

Be The Best You Series

Another classroom necessity that InnovateHer Online provides is our Be The Best You series. This video series provides a space for personal development. 

Some of the topics that feature in the series:

In addition toTech and professional development, we really wanted InnovateHer Online to provide the space for students to develop their everyday skills. To make them feel more empowered and motivated, our Be The Best You series was created, and why it’s a classroom necessity. 

Classroom Necessity: Your Next Steps

InnovateHer Online is there for your students to use at any time and is completely free. 

It makes it a classroom necessity; you can continually use it for your students aged 13-17, and they can learn and develop in multiple ways. It’s also an eLearning platform we’re expanding with even more exciting content. So make sure you don’t miss out!

Check out the video below, which shows you how to sign up and provides further information about how InnovateHer Online works.

If you have any questions about InnovateHer Online, please get in touch with study@innovateher.co.uk 

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