5 Reasons Students NEED To Do Our Cyber Security Course

Written by: Libby on February 6, 2024

Our brand new Discover Cyber Security course has launched!

A course that provides essential learning for your students.

The course is for beginners and has six interactive lessons. Your students will take on the role of a Cyber Security apprentice. They will be guided through the course by one of our real-life Cyber Security mentors, who will help them solve real-life problems.

Things to know:

Tech is fast-paced, and so are the careers in the industry. More and more varied careers in Tech are coming up, and a key part of the sector is Cyber Security. 

Alongside that is introducing students to careers in Cyber Security, it’s vital that students understand how to stay safe online.

We want your students to be and feel safe online, and understanding Cyber Security is essential to that safety. Staying safe online means using strong passwords, up-to-date software, and installing anti-virus software to protect your computers, laptops, or phones. 

Discover Cyber Security: Key Reasons

  1. It’s important to teach Cyber Security to 13-17-year-olds:

As mentioned above, the course will introduce students to career pathways in Cyber Security, whilst also teaching them skills on what it is exactly, and how to stay safe. 

The sector has a skills gap of 51%. From learning on our Discover Cyber Security, students are in a good position to pursue a future career in the sector. This then has a knock-on effect to work on closing the skills gap whilst improving students’ skills.

A lack of a skills gap in Cyber Security, spotlights the need for it to be widely taught and how important it is that students have a basic understanding of tools needed in Cyber Security. Not only so they can  protect themselves online, but also sets them up for success.

Students will learn and develop general skills but also Cyber Security specific ones, such as: 

  1. Curriculum-Linked and Gatsby Benchmarks

Our course has been curated to link with your curriculum. So you know that students will be going on a learning journey that is fully relevant to your teaching. For example, understanding a range of ways to use technology safely, respectfully, responsibly and securely, including protecting their online identity and privacy.

 In line with being curriculum-linked, the course has been designed to meet Gatsby benchmarks 2, 4 & 5. This means that your students will be:

It’s a credible course that was thoroughly researched before being designed. Here at InnovateHer, we want to be certain that students can make the most of their learning, which is why we built the course to be curriculum-linked. Also, to help make your job easier, as we know how busy you are. We wanted to ensure that the course is crafted for the goals you have to meet as a teacher. 

  1. Job Opportunities 

Job opportunities in Cyber Security are high on the government agenda. In the course, students will get a thorough and introductory understanding of Cyber Security and its careers. By the end, they will be aware of a sector that may be completely new to them and who knows maybe a new career path too.

In 2022, there was “21,600 new recruits needed every year to meet demand in the cyber sector”. This staggering statistic shows that job opportunities are only growing in the sector, a sector that young people can make a real difference in!

It is not just the skills gap that is lacking, but the gender gap, as only 24% of the Cyber Security industry is made up of women worldwide.

Giving female students a chance to learn about Cyber Security opens up an entirely new pathway they may not have thought was accessible to them. So, let’s close the gender gap together!

  1. A showcase of real, leading role models

We’re very proud that our course features real-life role models. Claire- A Cyber Security Specialist and Honey- A Security Consultant. 

Having role models guide students through the course, allows the course to feel relatable, personal and relevant. It gives students further insight into the industry, but also understand the tasks of the course better, as Claire and Honey guide them through.

Students are able to see themselves in the role-models. Thus, making a career in Cyber Security more attainable than it had been before the course. 

  1. Approved by Cyber Security Experts

Our Discover Cyber Security course was built in collaboration with BAE, experts in Cyber Security. 

What this means for you is that you know that your students are getting the best possible Cyber Security course possible. We went through discussions with specialists to guarantee that we were making an invaluable course for your students. It’s interactive and fun whilst being incredibly educational.

In addition, we also piloted and tested the course in late 2023. See how it went below!

What Next?

It’s now time for you to get your students signed up!

But first, we figured it’d be good for you to hear what a fellow teacher said- ”The Cyber course looks great, and students engaged with it straight away.”

We were very happy to hear those words, as we really want students to engage with the course. So students have an enjoyable and extremely educational learning experience. 

You can also read what students thought of the course below:

Students can sign up and start the course here!

If you have any questions, please contact study@innovateher.co.uk

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