4 Ways InnovateHer Made Our Business Better

Written by: on November 21, 2023

Hear from Lisa Crowther, Strategy Director, Don’t be Shy about the impact InnovateHer has had on Don’t Be Shy:

Many businesses are feeling pressure to improve their equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), from all sorts of stakeholders. That was us a couple of years ago. Until we struck up a partnership with InnovateHer. We’ve seen progress first-hand, so I wanted to talk about how this partnership has benefited us in real, practical terms. 

1. Pitching

Our partnership has helped us prove upfront that we’re a progressive company that’s actively improving how you operate and play your role in today’s society. You can demonstrate how your businesses align with shared values, and assure them the brand association will be positive. These kinds of metrics are increasingly prerequisites for successful candidates to meet, but at the very least are likely to resonate with individuals in the target company. It’s always one of the most lively parts of the pitch conversation for us.

2. Employee Morale

Our InnovateHer partnership has provided different ways for our team to participate and derive a sense of personal satisfaction, including contributing life skills videos and online courses educating the next generation.

3. Talent Pipeline

InnovateHer has given us a direct link to tomorrow’s potential tech leaders, with school sponsorships that include talks and work experience programmes. These opportunities, over the long term, will hopefully raise our business’s profile at the grassroots, and attract talent once they’re ready to enter the workforce.

4. Product and Service Development

With access to regular awareness training sessions on a host of topics, we’ve been able to keep up to date with social trends, debates and issues that we may not have otherwise stayed as close to. 
All of that from a once-annual investment!

Our joint research with InnovateHer shows where UK companies’ EDI efforts and progress stand today, painting a picture of the businesses areas most in need of this kind of social value partnership.

Check out the findings of our Gender Equality x Corporate Sustainability report.

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