Why Partner with a Non-Profit Organisation

Written by: Chelsea on September 26, 2023

In a world where businesses are constantly seeking opportunities to expand their reach, to partner with a non-profit might not be the first thought that comes to mind.

Yet, the benefits of partnerships with organisations like InnovateHer extend far beyond the realm of corporate social responsibility (CSR). It’s a mutually beneficial endeavour!

Fulfilling your Corporate Social Responsibility 

Businesses are becoming more socially conscious. So, giving back to communities and helping the environment has become something that your current and future employees want to see. In fact, 92% of Generation Z care about social and environmental issues. On top of that, 89% would switch brands related to a good cause. 

CSR initiatives enhance your brand’s reputation and attract socially conscious investors or customers. Also, you can support causes that align with your values, through partnering with non-profits.

CSR needs to align with your employees’ skills. For example, a Tech company can partner with an organisation that wants Tech ambassadors. These ambassadors can inspire young people into a tech career. A career they may have never thought would be accessible to them. But, thanks to you, it now is.

There are countless ways partnering with a non-profit can benefit your business.


Partner with a Non-profit: Expanding your network and reach 

Non-profit organisations have extensive networks in communities that are usually harder to reach. Partnering with them gives your business an opportunity to tap into these communities. Thus, opening doors to new customers & collaborators you may not have encountered. Additionally, the insights you gain from understanding these networks can better inform businesses.

Informing businesses through:

– Product

– Services

– Or understanding the next generation of employees entering your workforce. 

There are countless ways partnering with a non-profit can benefit your business.

Leverage resources and expertise 

Non-profit organisations exist for their communities. They are experts in their fields, whether environmental, education, equality or healthcare. Hence, through partnering with them you can access this knowledge, which is invaluable for businesses.

InnovateHer provides partners with an array of gender equality knowledge through:

– Newsletters

– Bi-monthly events

– Insights into the next generation- your future talent pipeline. 

Enhancing employee engagement 

Employees are increasingly seeking purpose in their work beyond the salary!

Partnering with non-profit organisations can help you engage your employees in meaningful ways. As, 82% of millennials consider CSR efforts when deciding where to work. Furthermore, research showed that 74% said their job is more fulfilling when positively contributing to social/environmental issues.

Want happier employees that stay for longer? Partner with a non-profit


Partner with a Non-Profit: Showcase Action 

Are you a Bcorp, or do you create annual gender pay gap reports? Then, partner with a non-profit. This ensures you create powerful case studies that showcase the impact on communities. Social Enterprises or Non-profits usually have great impact measuring tools. They can help you visualise and pull together content for your reports. 

Build long-term, meaningful relationships

Successful partnerships with non-profits need:

– Trust

– Shared values

– A genuine commitment to making a difference.

These partnerships are not about one-time donations or PR exercises. They are about forging long-term, meaningful partnerships that do good. 

Through sustained collaboration, your business can become integral to the non-profit’s mission. As you work together to achieve common goals. Overall, leading to a deeper impact of your contributions. Supporting non-profits goes a long way! 

So, why partner with a non-profit?

Partnering with a non-profit offers many benefits that extend far beyond CSR. It’s a win-win situation where your business can make a positive impact on society. Simultaneously, it also reaps advantages, including enhancing employee happiness. 

In today’s ever-challenging and changing world, consumers value purpose-driven brands, so partnering with a non-profit is not only a choice but a strategic move!

It’s an opportunity to create a lasting legacy of positive change. At the same time, strengthening your business in the process!

Inspired? See how you can work with our non-profit.

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