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Thanks to empowered women raising disruptive conversations, ‘Diversity in the Workplace’ is a phrase that we have all heard more of in recent years, but the fight is far from over.

According to Google, interest in the query ‘workplace diversity’ has noticeably risen over the past 8 years. It continues to rise today.

Gone are the days that Diversity in the Workplace was just an anxious afterthought. In fact, nowadays, the topic of gender diversity is moving to the forefront of human resource conversations. This is because they recognise that embracing women in male dominated spaces is a need, a must and a will for sustainable and successful business – but that doesn’t mean that the work is done. 

As long as organisations hold the bias that the gender diversity agenda is a ‘non-issue’, a dangerous message is sent to the next generation of women in tech. It is these dangerous messages that our video below highlights.

Why Diversity in the Workplace is needed for better, and for more sustainable business.

As we continue on our mission to get girls ready for the tech industry and the tech industry ready for girls, we will continue to campaign for workplaces to do better, challenging them to send the right message and create change for good within their workplaces, so that the next generation enter an industry that cares about them, no matter their background or identity…

To traditionalists, striving for Diversity in the Workplace may just seem like a fad. This is because they see it as a way to be ‘woke’ or to seem ‘progressive’. We strongly challenge these sentiments.

Monterosa and Interconnect are both are tackling the issue of Diversity in the Workplace head on.

Interconnect IT is tackling the issue of Diversity in the Workplace head on. In this image, they are striking the International Women's Day '#BreakTheBias' pose.
Interconnect IT is tackling the issue of Diversity in the Workplace head on. In this image, they are striking the International Women’s Day ‘#BreakTheBias’ pose.

Jess Meredith, Head of Data & Insights at Monterosa told us ‘Investing in efforts to diversify your workforce is one of the most valuable things you can do for your business’, and there is plenty of very real research to back her up.

These all sound like amazing incentives, right?

So why does research by PWC suggest that women make up only 23% of the people working in STEM roles?

Why are only 5% of leadership positions in tech held by women?

Well, it’s simple. It’s because the fight isn’t over.

A quote from Jess Meredith about diversity in the workplace

The quicker we see Diversity in the Workplace as a journey of learning rather than a quick fix, the better.

There is no quick fix to achieving Diversity in the Workplace.

It’s not enough to just hire more women, if you can’t get them to stay. 

It’s not enough to diversify your job vacancies, but still have all positions of superiority acquired by men.

It certainly isn’t enough to just praise the women in your organisation, whilst still partaking in the gender pay gap. 

A quote from InnovateHer about diversity in the workplace

So yes, achieving sound Diversity in the Workplace isn’t as simple as reading a quick article, but don’t let this scare you!

Our valued partner Interconnect IT is one of our longest standing partners, and they are proud to be still learning! Laurie Chandler, their office manager told us ‘I keep finding the more I learn on topics, you actually realise the less you actually know. I think it’s so important to keep challenging our thought processes.’ 

A quote from interconnect about diversity in the workplace

Jess from Monterosa agreed with this sentiment. ‘Whilst our intent is clear, we still have more work to do’ she said, ‘I don’t believe any organisations have solved the diversity issue. It’s an evolving journey’.

Allow yourself to be inspired by leaders in the space.

Monterosa and Interconnect have been apart of our partner network for a collective 7 years, and their experience is invaluable. Together, we use education, conversation and awareness to actively diversify their talent pipeline, whilst providing real digital skills to the next generation.

When asked what they would say to an organisation new to the agenda, Laurie stated ‘there are so many considerations that as a neuro-typical person, or a person of a certain demographic, gender, sexuality etc, you won’t even realise how bias may be coming into play.’

With our support, both organisations have made real changes to their workplace culture. Laurie has added new policies to the staff handbook at Interconnect IT, and has even begun an initiative to normalise talking about mental health. Both agree that the results of their efforts are plain to see, with Jess adding ‘By monitoring our data and feedback, it shows us that we are making huge strides forward’.

#BreakTheBias with us.

At InnovateHer, we work with innovative businesses to drive change. Some of our offerings include

Hiring Practice

Supporting your long term recruitment strategy to enable you to attract diverse talent

Policy Correction

Sharing of best practice relating to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion within the network

Monthly workshops

Personal development opportunities for your team, through our ambassador scheme

We are currently have a rich network of 26 organisations

26 organisations who want to make their talent pipeline more diverse. 

26 organisations who want to reap the benefits of creating an environment in which women are not only attracted to, but an environment in which women want to stay

Today, we challenge you to evaluate your message. 

Today, we challenge you to start breaking the bias.

We want you in. Email us by clicking the button below, quoting ‘#BreakTheBias’.

You can also learn more about our packages here, or sign up to our newsletter here.

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