Classroom Activities: InnovateHer Unveils the Benefits

Written by: Libby on March 25, 2024

InnovateHer provides schools with a diverse range of classroom activities made to engage various ages. Classroom activities built to inspire more girls and non-binary teens into Tech. 

These classroom activities are STEM-related with a key focus on Tech, as the sector comprises of 26% women. More young women and non-binary teens need to experience tech so they can view it as a potential career path.

That’s where you, a teacher, come in. You have the ability to empower and shape the next generation and be key in building a more equal society. You can do all this by working with InnovateHer. We supply you with the activities and resources needed to inspire your students.

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Classroom Activities from InnovateHer

InnovateHer Online

InnovateHer Online features many classroom activities for your students. From courses on Coding, Cyber Security and UX (User Experience) to our short (<10 minutes) video series:

Meet The Experts – Videos from people working in different Tech/STEM careers, from engineers to web designers. 

Quick Skills – Informational videos covering a wide variety of topics. From how to prepare for a job interview to choosing the right bank account and many more. All feature industry experts to develop students’ professional skills.

Be the Best You – A video series focusing on topics such as how to use social media for good and body positivity. To empower and develop the everyday skills of students. 

All classroom activities on InnovateHer Online are for students aged 13+, and can be done in lesson time. However, if that doesn’t suit your in-lesson set-up, it can also be done as homework or as part of an after-school/lunch club. 

Here at InnovateHer, we’ve taken the time and care to ensure that InnovateHer Online suits and fits multiple formats.

We almost forgot to mention – it’s completely free!

InnovateHer Online reaches Gatsby benchmarks 2, 4, 5 & 8. So you know our eLearning platform aligns with your curriculum. Simultaneously, ensuring that your students are experiencing the best quality classroom activities possible. 

You can sign up here to check it out and sign your students up the same way!

We’re so excited for you to join InnovateHer Online and make the most of these classroom activities. 

Become an industry-matched school

InnovateHer also provides the opportunity for your school to become matched with one of our Tech partners. This means you get access to more classroom activities sponsored by our partners. Some companies we work with are: BAE Systems, Co-op, The Very Group, Money SuperMarket and Kimberley Clark. 

One of these key activities is Role Model Talks.

InnovateHer role model talks allow your students to:

Our role model talks are crafted to reach Gatsby benchmark 5.

Read below for what other teachers have said about the role model talks their students have received:

“Inspiring for students”

“The talks were informative and interesting; pupil and staff feedback has been great.”

“Pupils found it very interesting and they engaged well in the conversations that took part.”

Role model talks are one of our classroom activities that provide insight into STEM careers. Employees from various careers deliver talks to students in Years 8-13. With the purpose for students to discover a potential new career path. 

To receive InnovateHer role model talks as classroom activities, you can click here to learn more and get started on becoming a matched school.

What’s Next?

InnovateHer offers you a consistent and pivotal resource to educate and empower the next generation to pursue a career in tech. One they may have yet to consider before the classroom activities mentioned.

Click here if you want to find out more, and if you have any questions, please get in touch with

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