Apprenticeships: Unlocking Your Future!

Written by: Libby on February 28, 2024

February celebrated National Apprenticeships Week. A week for you to understand the many benefits of an apprenticeship and your options. There doesn’t need to be one path anymore; you can undertake different routes to your career than just uni.

That’s not to say uni is bad; it’s just not for everyone. This is why apprenticeships must be given the attention they deserve, as they could become a valuable and essential part of your potential career path.

Why An Apprenticeship?

There are many reasons why an apprenticeship could be for you, but here are 5 of our favourite ones: 

  1. Career Development 

Undertaking an apprenticeship provides you with a great blend of having a job, and focused learning time, too.  It’s shaped to allow you to develop in the best way you possibly can, so you can learn practical on-the-job skills AND continue learning so you can build a concrete career and make your future formidable!

  1. Earn while you learn

Another perk of apprenticeships is that you earn whilst you learn. Pretty great, right? 

It gives you a stronger sense of what a job provides and how it works whilst strengthening your financial foundation. 

The amount varies depending on age, and is a good starting point as you continue learning, but also having a job.

  1. Apprenticeship = A Qualification

In case you didn’t already know, an apprenticeship is a recognised qualification. This is because all apprenticeships follow a certified study programme, so you get certification of what your accomplishments.

Not only does this mean that your apprenticeship is valued on the same level as a university degree, which puts you in an equal position to attain a job as someone who went to university. But it also means you can get a qualification without debt.

You can earn, retain money, develop and learn with an apprenticeship.

Here at InnovateHer, we aim to build a more equal tech sector, so we want to shout about the importance of apprenticeships in Tech, too!

So, why Tech Apprenticeships?

Continuing with reasons why an apprenticeship, but one in Tech, could be for you is:

  1. Increase in Digital Skills

90% of new jobs require digital skills; you would learn these skills in a Tech apprenticeship. And, if you finished that apprenticeship and did not want to continue that role, you have the digital skills necessary for another role.

We all know that the digital world is continually evolving, and having a key understanding of the skills involved is an excellent tool to have on your belt. 

Your options for your future widen through a tech apprenticeship, and you will become a pro at skills that not many others have but desire. 

  1. High in-demand Roles

Did you know that tech roles are some of the most in-demand jobs (take a peak at numbers 4 & 5)? You become a stand-out candidate for a role by undertaking an apprenticeship within Tech. You will already have the experience and knowledge needed for a job that is highly sought after. You will be in the best position to succeed. 

There are apprenticeships for these in-demand roles, e.g. Software Developer & Cyber Security within the UK tech sector. 

In fact, you can get a head start in Cyber Security by undertaking our brand new, free Cyber Security course on InnovateHer Online!

How To Get Started

You can practice applying for an apprenticeship through our mock application activity on InnovateHer Online. Click here to access the page and scroll down to take part in the activity.

If apprenticeships interest you, you can check out our Jobs Board, which features apprenticeships from our partner organisations.

You can also check out Ada College. Who we worked with for our 2024 apprenticeship event, and get access to advice and events they have coming up. 

Also, follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with all the exciting new apprenticeship news that we will have.

Know that your future is bright, your opportunities endless and that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to!

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