InnovateOur Planet

InnovateHer is pledging to change our world for the next generation.

Our commitment to sustainability is a promise to the future generations we strive to empower. Through a journey of continuous learning and authentic transparency, we pledge to fulfil our duties in harmony with the planet and its inhabitants.

Our promise encompasses four key areas – People, Planet, Students and Partners – taking on the responsibility to make measurable and impactful change.





InnovateHer recognises the role that we can play in influencing behaviour; through engaging with our community of partners, ambassadors, schools and students.

Through the creation of this pledge, we will set clear, long-term targets for our people, planet, students and our partners.

We have the opportunity to help embed sustainable decision-making, but in order to achieve this, we must first embed sustainability across our organisation.





Our pledge for our first year is one of learning and creating foundations for our organisation to develop.

Through our community of partners, ambassadors, schools and students, we have the opportunity to influence sustainable decision-making across a wider community, but this journey starts internally be embedding our goals into everything we do.

Collaboratively created by team InnovateHer Summer 2003