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Innovate your lessons or create an after-school club to join the movement.

Let’s close the gender gap in tech!

Industry-created Tech Courses for secondary school students.

Kickstart your student’s journey into STEM learning with InnovateHer Online. InnovateHer Online is an eLearning space where students can access hours of fun and interactive content designed to help them discover their full potential while teaching relevant, industry-needed skills.

The courses have been designed to reach Gatsby Benchmarks (4&5) and are linked with the curriculum to allow you to plug and play whilst getting the best and most up-to-date lessons straight to your students.

Get your students to learn Coding, Cyber Security, and even UX Design!

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How does it work?

Our philosophy is to inspire the next generation, giving students access to big brands, female and non-binary industry role models, new skills and career inspiration.

Ways to be involved:

  • Get your students learning on InnovateHer Online, with unlimited access!
  • Use our courses in your ICT and STEM-focused lessons
  • Start an after-school club

We also offer connections with our Ambassadors and Partner Role Models. This is great for anyone wanting to:

  • Organise a Career Talk
  • Have a tech brand attend a career day
  • Help your students organise work experience and future career opportunities, including apprenticeships

You can view our Schools Pack by clicking the button below, which provides all the information you need to know on how it works, and how to get started.

Benefits of InnovateHer 👇

  • Reach Gatsby Benchmarks (4&5)
  • Curriculum linked
  • Prepared sessions to save you lesson planning
  • Increase in diverse representation within GCSE subjects
  • Pump passion into the classroom
  • Variety of learning styles: assemblies, courses, short career
  • Connect with experts in the tech industry.

Thinking of starting an after-school club?

Anyone can start an after-school club – no experience needed!

Our courses come in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs – from longer courses, which can take 3-6 sessions or 5-minute skill builders – you can take your after-school STEM club in any direction you choose!

We do ask that you follow our safeguarding policy, written by students, and acknowledge that all our spaces, in all their uses, are founded in respect and kindness.

For more information, resources (such as posters), and a general guide – please contact our schools team below.

Being matched with our Partners

As part of our offering, some of our schools will be specifically matched with a Partner. This is an amazing opportunity to get exclusive access to a big brand and all their knowledge!

Schools who are matched, in addition to all the above, will get:

  • Direct access to one of our partnered brands
  • Inspiring assemblies, in person or online, with your matched brand
  • In-person and bespoke activity with the brand, such as career advice, potential work experience, and even a site trip!
  • Potential apprenticeship talks and mock interviews
  • First access to our new courses – with the chance to feedback and help us make our courses even better

Please fill out this form if you’re interested in your school being matched with one of our Industry partners, which means you will receive exclusive access to bespoke activities with a Tech organisation in your area.

We will try our best to match you as soon as we can and will contact you directly when the opportunity becomes available.

“I’m so impressed with how InnovateHer has helped our girls to develop their confidence, their digital skills and to discover talents they never knew they had.”

-Teacher Testimonial

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None – students can learn all the courses on their own, and there are options for discussions that students can work together in the class, but no prep is necessary on your part.

You’re the expert! Our learning platform is a tool to compliment your already great lessons. However, if you’re needing a little inspiration, why not drop us an email at study@innovateher.co.uk.

Do you have 15 mins? ->
Meet the expert series
Quick skills (to be uploaded later)
Be the best you

Do you have 30 min – 1 hr?
Coding course
Understanding UX

Do you have 2 – 4 hrs?
Discover cyber security

We value diversity, inclusion and allyship, and we encourage all genders and identities to use our platform.

Whilst content on our platform is not strictly for girls, it has been built with the tech industry gender gap in mind. Ultimately, we are trying to remedy this gender gap, therefore our learning platform proudly uses diverse role models, and inspirational women throughout.

Tap or click on the activity you are interested in, and you will be directed to the right place. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at study@innovateher.co.uk.

Of course. We would love for you to use our platform in your classroom, so any help that you may need we will right by your side.
Drop us an email at study@innovateher.co.uk.
Alternatively, you can drop us a message on social media. The links are at the bottom of this page.

Yes. We’ve put a lot of work into making our online environments safe for our students and we’ve consulted with students on our safeguarding framework.
We’ve written a teen friendly privacy policy, and a code of conduct for our learning environment.