The InnovateHer programme is delivered within schools across the North West as an after school enrichment programme. We began by delivering our innovative, informal educational programme in FACT in Liverpool City Centre. The programme was application based and we quickly established that demand for places far outstripped what we could provide; we received 90 applications for just 15 places in the first cohort in October 2016.

Since then we have delivered four more successful iterations of the academy programme in FACT. We have built a community of girls who regularly engage with us and each other. We realised that we needed to take our model into schools to enable us to reach many more girls and to remove any barriers to them attending.

The programme is an 8 week course facilitated by volunteers and industry leaders from the Digital Technology community.

Our programme aims to:

  • Inspire girls to take STEM related subjects at GCSE and A level, presenting them with a broad range of options and routes into industry.
  • Educate teachers and parents why girls should be aspiring to work in digital or technology and the wide range of opportunities available.
  • Address the gap between the skills the industry requires and those taught in formal educational settings, by involving key stakeholders from industry to inform our programmes and evolving the content to keep pace with changes in industry.
  • Influence policy makers to create a strategic model for lasting and systemic change in education and careers services.

How long is the programme?

8 weeks, 2 hours a week. Students also get mentoring once a month from one of our partners for a year after the programme has finished.

How is our programme funded?

The programme is funded through a mixture of private and public sector funding, as well as a small contribution from the school it’s being delivered in. We recognise that every school is unique, and funding can fluctuate, so we work with partners to enable the course to remain at a low cost for the school, keeping our educational programme free for the individual girls.

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