We are…

A female-led education and coaching social enterprise.

Passionate about gender equality.

Dedicated to providing your child with high quality digital skills training.

What we do

Only 19% of the tech sector is female.

We’re ‘getting girls ready for the tech industry’ because we want to see equality in the workplace and provide opportunities for underrepresented groups.

We’ve been running tech educational programmes for over 4 years, reaching over 1,000 girls and non binary students in over 60 schools across the North West, teaching digital skills and inspiring the next generation to become innovators.

Through our online portal students across the UK can now access our digital programmes from home. Our new e-Learning platform was co-created with our student community every step of the way. They continue to inform our design and our course content.

What we teach.

Our online digital skills courses feature exceptional industry role models because we believe that ‘you can’t be what you can’t see.’

We feature industry role models in a wide range of roles, to inspire the students to consider careers in tech. We build their confidence in their own ability and dispel the negative gender stereotypes surrounding the industry.

We work with our partners such as Coop and Sony Playstation to design our course content. Students will learn tech skills which are not currently taught in schools.

We provide short courses that can be completed at home or in a classroom environment. We supplement this with short videos on broader ‘life skills’ topics – such as ‘staying safe online’ and ‘body positivity.’

We also host optional live events to connect our student community with industry experts, and each other.

Key questions answered:

The InnovateHer Online course is for 13-16 year old girls and non-binary students wanting to learn tech skills and find out more about the industry.

It is free for students to access, thanks to support from our industry partners, donors and grant funding.

Yes! It is complementary to the core curriculum as it teaches essential digital skills. 90% of all jobs require digital skills now, so equipping your child now is essential for their future. Many of the skills we provide are not covered on the curriculum, but industry partners have told us that they value them highly.

All of our content is created with safeguarding in mind. Students must be aged 13+ to participate and we have a number of checks in place when users register with us, such as encouraging the use of avatars instead of real photos. We moderate the platform and monitor who is using it closely. All of our content is pre-recorded.

If we do host a live event we’ll ask for your consent before your child can participate. The students do not need your consent to register but we do need your consent when they join an online chat forum or live event.

We have a safeguarding framework and policy which we make available in a teen friendly format so that our students know what to do if they have a concern to report to us. These are available on our eLearning platform.

Students need to set up an account with us. Everything you’ll need to know is within the portal, including session videos and resources.

We estimate that a short course will take up to 6 hours to complete the 6 sessions. The videos are never any longer than 3-4 minutes in length based on feedback from our students. Everything is easy to digest and engaging, with plenty of interactive activities. There is content to view and engage with outside of the courses, which is regularly updated. This might include careers videos or ‘life skills’ content.

It is self-study, with content led by an industry expert mentor, alongside the core InnovateHer team. We are always on hand to answer any questions the students might have. We have a community forum within the platform for students to chat to one another too.

All of the content is prerecorded in video format, with extra challenges to complete for each module. Worksheets and videos can be accessed within our portal.

We will organise additional live sessions with mentors which are optional and often recorded for those who can’t join us.

Why not take a look?

Browse our new e-Learning platform. Your child can register for free to watch our Life skills short videos, Career videos and take our Tech4Good: UX Design course.