Partner Guidelines

What it means to be an InnovateHer Partner

What it means to be an InnovateHer partner

Our partners make everything we do possible. Funding our work and keeping every service we offer free for every school.

We work across 3 main areas; our educational programmes, our partner network and campaigning.  Our educational programmes and courses on our eLearning platform, InnovateHer <Online>, allow students to learn key skills, from coding to body positivity and confidence, whilst meeting in industry role models and exploring their potential. Our partner network opens the door into industry for our students, and, in return, InnovateHer can support your organisation with your EDI ambitions, including EDI health checks and events such as our community learning series InnovateAll.

And lastly, but most importantly, we campaign for gender equality. 

Working with us is easy. We offer 3 different partnership packages with all partners valued for their contribution and commitment, regardless of size or sector. We also offer multi-year partnerships with the benefit of experiencing the long-term impact of funding a school and following students from choosing their GCSEs right through to beginning their careers.

Our approach to partnerships

Partnering with InnovateHer will bring lasting benefits to your company alongside creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce. 

Whether you’re looking to engage employees and strengthen your EDI initiatives and purpose, or you want to invest in the next generation to promote innovation and drive economic growth, we’ll work with you to ensure your partnership with us achieves shared value and impact.

We really benefited from doing the InnovateHer Health Check. It was nice to talk through what we did and didn’t have in place, without being judged. It’s definitely helped us define our objectives.

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Our ethical stance

InnovateHer won’t accept support that could compromise who we are and what we do. Our partnership team carefully vets who we work with and chooses partners who align with our values and believe in our mission. By partnering with us, you are committing to making change within your organisation, as well as preparing to become a place where the next generation will love working and feel included. Please email if you have any questions

Our current partners

We’re very proud of our partners. See who is supporting our work.

Some of our frequently asked questions

InnovateHer can sit across multiple departments across the business, depending on your goals. For example, if you aim to bring in diverse talent, we can work with the H.R and / or recruitment teams to align goals. We also work with Marketing and CSR departments as well as IT/Product areas of businesses.

We have a bespoke package option. Reach out and let us know what you are looking to do, and from there, we can create the ideal package for your business needs.

Yes! You can tailor your package with ‘Add Ons’ which we can share that includes adding on additional schools.

Normally, a business tends to tell us which location they would like to support a school, and we give you a range of choices of schools that are either on our waiting list, or one’s that we’d approach on your behalf. In some instances, businesses will already have a school in mind, and a contact, which we would then speak to.

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