What is innovateher?

We are a small team based in Liverpool, you may know us as the leaders of Liverpool Girl Geeks. We’re on a mission to decrease the gender imbalance in tech. We have set up InnovateHer to help us achieve this mission.

Working together with national policy makers, local government, schools and industry leaders, we’re creating a UK-wide network of schools-based Academies to tackle inequality, improve young people’s life chances, and help the UK compete on the world stage.

How will we do this?

Working in disadvantaged areas, we use industry role models events and schools-based Academies to reverse gender inequality, improve digital skills and invest in the future of our young people.

Because everyone, regardless of background or identity, should have the freedom and opportunity to pursue any future they choose.

Through our academies, we connect pupils with real life industry role models, providing them with the opportunity to interact with leading employers and learn new digital skills.

Our academy is industry led. The content of the programme is designed in collaboration with our partners, who represent some of the largest digital employers in the north. This not only means our course content is current, but also improves the life chances of those who attend.

We want to work with values-driven, forward-thinking, sustainable organisations like yours to share the vital knowledge you have with the next generation of innovators.

Want to find out more or get involved?

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Our Values


Diversity matters. It is at the heart of everything we do


We believe that by working together we can embrace and drive change


We exist to serve our community

The Future

Investment in the next generation: our future innovators


Continuous growth and learning