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Because only 24% of the Tech Industry are women, and only 16% of women have had a career in Tech suggested to them.

We are changing this.

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Uplift in girls taking Computer Science in Schools we’ve worked with


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Our exploration of Diversity & Inclusion

In 2013 our founder, whilst working in Tech, started Liverpool Girl Geeks, a community in Liverpool to encourage more women to enter the sector that she loved.

Our focus shifted from adult meet-ups to impactful educational programmes for minorities, launching teen programmes in 2015. Recognising the need to challenge stereotypes early, we engaged girls as young as twelve.

InnovateHer Team Photo 2022
Student Panel

Our Co Founders, mindful of their low-income upbringing, sought inclusivity. Realising the importance of diverse role models, we expanded our mentor pool to include people of all ages, backgrounds, and identities, including male role models.

In 2017 after successful pilot programmes, we rebranded as InnovateHer, taking our programmes to schools outside of Liverpool and across the UK, prioritising areas and people from low-income backgrounds.

No we actively urge every student to participate in our programmes, prioritising girls and non-binary students, and purposefully amplifying their representation in our content.

Our goal is to drive a decisive shift in the diversity landscape within the industry.

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