Working From Home – the InnovateHer way!

Written by: Mica on March 24, 2020
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Now is a time where people are being plunged into unfamiliar circumstances, whether it be homeschooling their children, changing up their lifestyle routines or working from home for the first time. 

Remote working is something we practise regularly at InnovateHer, but we are totally aware that this isn’t the same for everyone.

We wanted to share with you some hints and tips we have learnt over the years, by reflecting on 6 key aspects.


  1. Focusing

2. Environment

3. Challenges


4. Keeping connected

5.  Adapting

6. What we love about working remotely!

We want to give a huge thanks to the NHS during this difficult time, for keeping us safe, secure and as comfortable as possible.


Want more tips, tricks and ideas to encourage a healthier and more inclusive workplace?

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