Our partners come in all shapes and sizes, from local businesses to global organisations, charities, universities and alternative education providers. We can work with you on strategic, community and delivery basis, depending on what your aims and objectives are.

We want to work with values driven, forward-thinking, sustainable businesses like yours to share the vital knowledge you have with the next generation of innovators.

Together, we want to make a real difference. Here’s why you should work with us:

Become more profitable

Diverse companies, like diverse communities, are stronger and more sustainable. Companies with a senior leadership team that’s 30% female can increase their profitability by 15%, and in fact in the United Kingdom, every 10% increase in gender diversity at the senior- executive level equates to an rise of 3.5% in profits.

By investing time and money into our Academies, you’re investing in the future of your business.

Fuel product and service innovation

The more insights, the more perspectives, the more fit for purpose your next product innovation or service will be when it enters the real world. It’s no coincidence early voice recognition software didn’t always recognise female voices. In fact, recent research has shown gender diversity on technical work teams is associated with more time efficient project delivery, lower costs, higher employee performance ratings, and higher employee pay bonuses.

Eradicate workplace inequality

Equality is a fundamental British value, yet currently only 17% of tech jobs in the UK are held by women in the UK, and only 12% in the north west of England. Together we will campaign to build fairer, more diverse companies and communities.

Invest in your future workforce

By 2023, there will be 142,000 more jobs in technical fields to fill. By bringing together the skills and experience of your teams with educators, we can directly influence what and how tech skills are taught

to the next generation of innovators, coders, and entrepreneurs – ensuring our young people are ready to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them.

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"We're definitely starting to see the benefits of working with InnovateHer, 43% of our workforce is now female. We're now recruiting women into roles that have historically been filled by men"

Michelle Ford, Uniform