Animation Programmer

Animation Programmer

Lucid Games are looking for an experienced programmer to be responsible for creating and perfecting the animation engine in order to enhance overall quality of animation within their titles.


Work with the animation and design teams to create solutions that meet project goals and develop a next generation character animation system
Develop interfaces with game systems (AI, character control, etc.)
Develop tools to be used by their character and animation team and continue to innovate and improve the tools, pipeline, and technology during development

Required Experience

Degree in a Computer Science, Software Engineering or Maths discipline.
At least 3 years of relevant industry experience with an emphasis on characters and animation.
Excellent C/C++ programming skills.
Excellent oral and written communication skills.
Ability to work within a schedule.

Desired Experience

Experience in IK/FK systems.
Knowledge of animation techniques and software packages (Maya, Max, Motion Builder, etc)
Experience with Unreal Engine and/or familiarity with other animation engines (Mechanim, Morpheme, Havok, etc.)


For this position they will need to see a demonstration of your talents, so include links to any demos or projects that you’d like to show them.

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