A Teen Takes Over InnovateHer for The Day

Written by: Emily on October 2, 2018
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I decided to get a week’s work experience at Cyberfrog and InnovateHer because I am interested in technology and the marketing industry. I wanted to see if I enjoyed this area of work before potentially studying it further at university. I did 4 days at Cyberfrog and 1 day at InnovateHer from 10am-4pm. I expected a formal and strict atmosphere as I had never experienced working in an office before, however my expectations were completely wrong! Everyone was very friendly and it was a very relaxed environment. I had the opportunity to be in this environment at a critical time in my life, when I am about to choose my next steps and determine if this is really the path that I want to follow.

Shaima at InnovateHer HQ

One of my tasks included spending time on different accounts on various social media platforms, liking and commenting on different posts and replying to people from those accounts. I really enjoyed being able to engage with people in this way. I also enjoyed going to see many other businesses in the Baltic Triangle and being able to speak to the people there during my time at InnovateHer. I feel like this experience was very eye opening and inspiring because I got to know people who started off doing something completely different, like studying law at university, but who are now in the digital industry. It showed me that it’s ok to change your career path.

During my week I realised that there are many opportunities in the industry. Marketing is a big umbrella with many different branches, such as a digital marketing. The marketing industry in Liverpool is growing really fast and it is a really friendly community to be in.

Shaima at Agent
Shaima makes a new friend when exploring the Baltic Triangle

Some key things that I took away from this experience is that I now have an idea of what I want to do and how to get there. I also learned that it is okay not to know exactly where you’re going in life, the important thing is that you have the passion needed for what you end up doing in the end.

By Shaima Al-Reyashi, aged 17

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