InnovateHer programme leads and volunteers come from all different backgrounds including computer science / STEM graduates, employers, freelancers and teachers.

In a nutshell, our leads and volunteers are there to help our classes run smoothly and to inspire the girls to engage with technology and consider a career in the sector, using their expert industry knowledge.

InnovateHer programmes are usually 8 weeks long, for 2 hours a week in a school environment. All volunteers and programme leads are trained and have DBS checks in place.

Through schools-based Academies and events, together we will:

Teach her to expect better

The idea that particular jobs or interests are for girls and others for boys is false. One of the most important and lasting ways to challenge that is to empower and encourage girls – to reinforce a different idea: that they are the ones to decide what they do, where they go, with their lives.

Help her make new friends

Our academies are also amazing places to have fun and meet inspiring, like-minded people. The atmosphere we cultivate is positive, encouraging and open – places where girls can be themselves.

Give her the best start in life

Digital skills are essential life skills. And not just because of the huge growth and range of opportunities in STEM careers. In a sense, all careers are tech careers, because communication, admin and day to day life depend on digital technology. Our academies teach these essential skills, but they also connect girls with new passions, raise employment prospects and enhance their chances of a more fulfilling life and career.

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"I volunteered because I wanted to help inspire young women to be confident - to make sure they believe in themselves enough to follow their dreams."

Nareice Wint, Developer at Lucid Games